Paul Bowerman
Paul Bowerman earned a BSEE at Rice University in 1983 and an MSEE at the University of Southern California in 1984. Since that time Paul has primarily worked in the Reliability Engineering organization at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The main projects he has supported include: a DoD Project, the All Source Analysis System, by developing software tools to perform, and by carrying out, reliability predictions; a joint NASA/ESA mission, TOPEX, by establishing requirements, assessing vendors, and reviewing WCAs (Worst Case Analyses), PSAs (Parts Stress Analyses), and FMECAs (Failure Modes, Effects, and Criticality Analyses); and a NASA mission to Saturn, Cassini, supporting the Power and Pyrotechnic Subsystem by performing WCAs, PSAs, and FMECAs.

Outside the Reliability organization, but still at JPL, Paul spent two years writing wargame software for a DoD Project. After that he returned to Reliability Engineering as a Technical Lead for analysts and then as a group supervisor. In the fall of 2001, Paul took on the supervisory role of a different group, Reliability Technology, whose role is to better characterize environmental impacts on reliability, to better understand alternative processes that may better assess reliability and environments, and to provide a test lab for these purposes. In addition to this work, Paul has been providing limited support to the NEPTUNE Project in the Mission Assurance disciplines.