This NEPTUNE POWER Web site contains all documentation generated during the design and testing of the power delivery system for the NEPTUNE undersea, cabled observatory.

Read-only access to the Documentation section is open to the public.

The NEPTUNE project is a linked array of undersea observatories on the Juan de Fuca plate in the northeastern Pacific Ocean. Fiber-optic power cable will connect land-based scientists, students, decision makers, and the public to distributed sensors above, on, and beneath the seafloor. NEPTUNE is an integrated system for powering and communicating in real time with large numbers of instruments distributed over a seafloor area of at least 500 by 1,000 km.

The engineering power system prototype is a parallel power system utilizing flexible DC/DC power supplies that auto adjust to changing load conditions with a multi-layered, reliable protection system. The backbone voltage is 10kV DC, and at each node (30+ locations) power is delivered to the science users at 400 V and 48 V DC.